Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Men

Are you a man struggling with fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, diminished muscle, or deceased sex drive? You may be suffering from symptoms of low testosterone. As you are probably aware, testosterone levels begin to drop at or around age 30. Testosterone therapy for men can provide relief for these symptoms.

Benefits of testosterone therapy for men include:
• Increased energy.
• Increase in lean muscle mass.
• Decrease of body fat.
• Increased sexual function.
• Restored self vitality.
• Reduced inflammation, joint stiffness and body aches.
• Increased self-esteem.

How does testosterone therapy work?
Our medical professionals will meet with you to discuss you symptoms, as well as your goals, and the options that are available to accomplish your objectives. Lab work is completed to determine your testosterone levels. Afterward, our staff will discuss a preferred course of treatment based on your individual needs.

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